torsdag den 26. maj 2011


Oxford is the most wonderful city, besides Cambridge, Stratford-upon-avon!

Oxford is one of the oldest university areas in Great Britain! Oxford has been there for more than a thousand years, since Henrik 2th banned students to study in Paris in 1167, in the 11th century.
 In post-nominals, the University of Oxford was historically abbreviated as Oxon. (from the Latin Oxoniensis), although Oxf is nowadays used in official university publications.

Oxford is still a city of universities, students and some turist in the summer season. There is museums "Oxford Natural Museum" and the Oxford River and the Botanique House and a lot of shops, a big book shop on the main street. It is also where the Shakespeare Company performs each summer with one of William Shakespeares plays, myself I watched "The Tempest" last summer, and it was a fine play, and it was good because it was outside and the weather started out as bad but turned to the most fantastic summer evening weather after the first act!

Oxford and Cambridge was once one university, but sometime in 1209, after a dispute between Oxford townspeople and some students, some of the students fleed north to Cambridge where they founded University of Cambridge and since there has been a competition between the two universities. 

It is also in Oxford where Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the famous Harry Potter movies went to school.

Oxford is also known for their education and their Rhodes Scholarship and for their reputation and prospects for the future of the students.

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