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Titanic - on english

Naturally all knows the legend of the Titanic; about how this luxury ship hit an iceberg about how the band played to the very end and how several thousand people lost their lives that fateful night April 14th 1912.

The story began back in 1907 at a dinner party, this dinner party was held by Lord Pierre, he was chairman of Harland and Wolff shipbuilders, and to this dinner was J. Bruce Ismay, the director of White Star Line present. White Star Line's competitor, Cunard had built a fabulous luxurious ship by the name of "Lusitania" which was much talked about among the wealthy in Britain, Ireland and Scotland. Of this subject was Mr. Ismay and Lord Pierre tired of hearing about and so began the two gentlemen after dinner to hatch a plan to build three huge ships each ship was to be bigger and more luxurious than the very much mentioned "Lusitania". The first ship would be named "Olympic", the other, "Titanic" and third "Gigantic"

"Why the Titanic was so big"
At the beginning of last century, the only way to cross the ocean was by ship. Two British companies competed
fiercely; Cunard and White Star Line  for passengers. In 1907 Cunard had just completed Lusitania and Mauritania - luxurious ships which could cross the ocean in a record of five days. What could the White Star Line do in order to top that? They decided to build three ships that would be the biggest the world had ever seen. One of these would be the Titanic.

Titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland, and the construction began on March 31th 1909.

Titanic var designed by Thomas Andrews (Lord Pierre's nephew) 

How many crew members were on the Titanic?
Eight hundred and 92 were listed on the Titanic's the crew list.

Passengers on the Titanic, didn't realized until 1: 15 when the water reached up to the name Titanic which was on the bow, that Titanic was going to sink, as the slope of the deck became steeper, the boats began to be more fully loaded with passengers

At approximately 23:40 on 14 April 1912, Titanic hit an iceberg.
At approximately 02:20 on April 15, about two hours and 40 minutes later, Titanic was plunged to the bottom of the ocean .

This year marks that 99 years has passed since that night where the Titanic disappeared into the waves of the North Atlantic . There have been 3 expeditions down to the wreck during the many years which have passed. The latest was in 2006.

Next year, which will mark that 100 years has passed since that fateful night. There is to be conducted ​​a cruise from Southampton in southern Britain to the spot where the Titanic disappeared beneath the waves, where there will be held a minute's silence for those who died that fateful night, after which the cruise will proceed to New York, all in all five days is this cruise suppose to last. Relations to the people who survived from the Titanic will be on board. 

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