mandag den 5. december 2011

Killer Whales

Killer Whales lives in several parts of the world, in the Ocean world. They live in the winter months in the Arctic and Antarctic ocean to more tropical regions of the world, where they learn their babies to hunt seals and sometimes whales there own size. Their hunting techniques are highly sophisticated, they communicate through vocal behaviours, and their hunting are fascinating to watch, but horried to watch.

They are so fascinating to see in their natural element, outside of captivity. They can be seen as far south, as the North of California, just outside Portland and Seattle. But else they can be seen in the Antarctic and Arctic Oceans, with their pods. 

Killer whales are in the family with the oceanic dolphin. They are highly social, and they live in pods with only females in the family; 20-80 animals in each pod, and they stay together through life. 

In late 2005, the killer whales known as the "southern resident killer whales" were placed on the U.S. Endangered Species list.

To be read more about Killer Whales see "Wikipedia - Killer Whales"

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