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Laura Ingalls Wilder's family timeline


1775. The War of Independence
1776. Declaration of Indepence signed.
1781. U.S. wins the war of indepence
1782. Martha Morse born in Scotland (Martha years)
1787. U.S. Constitution signed
1789. George Washington inaugurated as first U.S. president.
1790. Washington, D.C. founded
1790. U.S. population: 3.9 million
1791. Bill of rights approved
1793. Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin
1797. John Adams inaugurated as second U.S. presind
1798. Martha Morse immigrates to America.
1799. Martha Morse marries Lewis Tucker in Boston, Ma.
1800. U.S. goverment moves to Wahington, D.c.
1801. Thomas Jefferson inaugurated as the third U.S. president.
1803. Lousiana purchase made by Thomas Jefferson.
1808. U.S outlaws imported of slaves from Africa.
1809. Charlotte Tucker born in Roxbury, Ma. (Charlotte years)
1809. James Madison inaguated af fouth U.S. president.
1812. War os 1812 against the British begins.
1814. Bristish forces blockade Boston Harbor and Burn Washington, D.C. and the White House.
1814. Francis Scott Kay writes the Star-Spangled banner.
1814. War of 1812 ends.
1810. The Napoleon wars in Europe is underway. 
1820. The Napoleon Wars end at the battle at Waterloo.
1825. John Quincy Adams (son af John Adams) ingurated as sixth U.S presdent.
1827. Opening od the first U.S railroad to Carry passengers.
1828. andrew Jackson ingurated as seven U.S president.
1830. Peter Cooper builds the first stream locomotive.
1831. Charlotte Tucker marries Henry Quiner in New Haven, CT.
1832-1839. The Quiner family travels between Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin.
1839. Caroline Quiner is born in Brookfield, WI. (Caroline years)
1839. First game of Basseball ever played in Cooperstown, NY.
1840. U.S. population: 17 million.
1844. Henry Quiner, Caroline’s father, dies in a storm.
1846. Sewing machine patented by Elias Howe.
1847. The Quiner family moves from brookfield to Concord, WI.
1848. Charlotte Quiner marries Frederick Holbrook.
1848. First U.S. women’s rights convention meets in Seneca Falls, NY.
1848. Gold discovered in Californien.
1849. Amelia Bloomer wears blommers in public, beginning American womens dress reform.
1860. Borgerkrigen. (1860-1866)
1860. Caroline Quiner marries Charles Ingalls in Concord, WI.
1861. Abraham Lincoln inaugurated as 16th U.S. president.
1861. Civil war begins.
1862. Congress passes the homestead Act, which gives 160 acres of land to any U.S. citizen who lives on it for five years.
1862. President Lincoln issues the emanipation Proclamation which outlawes slavery.
1862. Roller skating introduced to America.
1863. Caroline and Charles Ingalls buy a farm in the big woods of Pepin, WI.
1865. President Lincoln is being killed in a theatre    
1865. Mary Ingalls born in Pepin, WI.
1865. President Lincoln assassinated; Andrew Johnson becomes the 17th U.S. president.
1865. Civil war ends.
1867. Laura Elizabeth Ingalls born in Pepin, WI. (Laura Years)
1868. 14th Amendment grants citizenship to Africa Americans.
1870. Us population: 39 million.
1870. Carrie Ingalls is born in Pepin, WI.
1873. Blue Jeans invented by Levi Strauss.
1874. Huge swarms of grasshoppers destroy crops across the Great Plains.
1868-1874. The Ingalls family travels between Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
1876. Grace Ingalls is born.
1879. Toilet paper is invented.
1880. Thomas Edison invents the first pracitial electrical ligth bulb.
1884. First roller coaster opens at Coney Islands, NY.
1885. Grover Cleveland inaugurated as 22th U.S. president.
1885. Laura Ingalls Wilder Marries Almanzo Wilder in De Smet.
1886. Rose Wilder is born in De Smet, Dakota Territory.
1886. The statue of Liberty is unveiled in New York.
1886. Coca Cola appears on the market in Atlanta, Ga.
1889. 50.000 white settlers establish homesteads on former Indian land in Oklanhoma.
1890. Congress creats the Oklahoma territory by merging Indian territory with remaining U.S.
1891. The clothing zipper in invented by W.L. Judson.
1890-1892. The Wilder family travels between Minnesota, Florida og South Dakota.

- Laura Ingalls Wilder dies the day before her 90th birthday and before she was to go around the world.  

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