mandag den 5. september 2016

Autumn & Austen

Yet again autumn has descended in the Northern Europe & Scandinavia and that can only mean one thing; The Jane Austen Festival is rapidly approaching!

I know quite a few ladies who are packed and ready to go, even if there is still several days until the start of the festival. This year is my 3rd year in Bath,-  I can hardly believe it has been three years already!

This year will also be the third house party that The Jane Austen Pineapple Appreciation Society will host, with Laughing with Lizzie as joint hostess with long time friends Emma and Laurie. At this wonderful house party, the heads of the German and Danish Societies will also reside with several other wonderful and colorful guests, this also includes Jane Austen Authoress Joana Starnes.
Hopefully we will also see Cas Grafton and Jane Odiew,  both of them Austen authors, and in my usual After Piece on the Festival, I can reveal that a few interviews will be present – I will let your imaginations make the necessary deductions *wink*

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing long time friends, I have not seen since winter. I am also looking forward to dancing, and attending the many activities around Bath alongside my fellow Pineapples friends. Reunion with regency clothes, and regency family & friends. It can only end one way; Pineapple Mischief.

In my own personal plans, is visits to Lyme and Sidmouth Gardens – also known from Persuasion and the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, 1st proposal scene in the rain. Therefore I will join my friend and fellow Pineapple, Cati on her road trips to these wonderful locations.
New dresses, spencers and hats bought and made, – jewellery packed, trunk to be packed in the coming days; Check! Now every girls problem; which shoes to bring? Dancing slippers obviously! But the British Weather is known to be traitorous so maybe autumn boots? Ballerina shoes, of course and maybe the new elegant walking shoes with the lace D’Anglais?
Fans, shawls and gloves ready, pressed and ready to be put in their box for traveling; Check!
And of course limit what I bring… *sigh*, problem!

I wonder if Jane Austen would ever believe how popular she has become during the 21st century? America has two or more Austen Societies. Australia, England, France, Malta, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and many more have societies. Variations of her works are booming on the internet, from Amazon to Beyond Austen, with authors from all over the Globe. Variations are also being made into movies these days; Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Unleashing Mr. Darcy and Love and Friendship just to mention a few.

Several well known authors are members of different Austen Societies including our own regency aunt Joana Starnes, Jane Odiew and Cas Grafton in the British Society – like Abigail Reynolds and Jack Caldwell are members of the American Society. Of course America and Great Britain are also in competition on how many people attend their respective festivals…

The Clock is ticking and I cannot wait as it can only end in loads of fun, little sleep, laughter and friendships being rekindled.

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