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White Star Line RMS Titanic; 100 years later

We all know the legend of Titanic, - the ship of Dreams which went to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on the cold night between the 14th and 15th of April 1912 at 2.20 am in the morning. Tomorrow it will be a 100 years ago that Titanic went to the bottom of the ocean and became the most famous ship ever.  Known as the Unsinkable Ship... (what a crappy name considering what happened...ironic!)

We all know the legend of the band playing to the very last, including the song "Nearer my God to thee", and the many passenger who sank with the ship. The story of this great liner started in London and Ireland and ended in a nightmare in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where half of its passengers were lost to the freezing water where they were prisoners of the sea, from where there was no escape.
The three most important men on the Titanic were; Mr. Bruce Ismay, Mr. Thomas Andrews and Captain Edward John Smith. Mr. Bruce was the chairman of White Star Line and president of IMM (International Mercantile Marine) which he resigned in 1916.
Mr. Thomas Andrew was the nephew of Mr. Perrie (Lord William James Pierre) who were the shipbuilder of White Star lines's ships.
Captain Smith was the milionaire-captain, he was married to Sarah Pennington, they lived in Southampton. Smith had built a reputation as one of the world's most experienced sea captains. Captain Smith was first the captain of Olympic which suffered incident, and had to limp back to Southampton from its journey from New York back home to Britain. Then he became the Captain of RMS Titanic. Titanic's maiden voyage was delayed because of the damage to Olympic, and had to put the journey a few weeks forward from the 20th of March to the 10th of April. And the rest is history. Captain Smith's body was never recovered.        

But what I am interested in, is the unknown stories of the famous ship RMS Titanic and its passengers. If anybody knows anything please leave a note for me. I would be very thankful to you all!

To the memory of the 1500 hundred souls which were lost that night. And I send my deepest regards to the families who lost family that night. 

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