onsdag den 20. juli 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 are to date the best of the movies! It has all the action some of the former movies lacked and it has all the drama from the book, and of course the sadness of Harry's situation where he finds the third hallow which shows our beloved who is dead, i cried so badly at that part, because Harry see his father, mother, Sirius and Lupus.
The fight between Harry and Voldemort is a bit of an disappointment, because it lacks in power and the struggle which the books explains fully, but it is a wonderful movie! And you see another side of Neville, and finally see the romance between Hermione and Ron for real!

The Ending is a bit corny but I loved it! Even though some of the actors looked like they had not aged a day after finishing school and some of them looked at though they had aged like thirty years or so. You see Ron and Hermione's family and children, so cute and then you see Draco Malfoy's family and children, kind of like Draco, even though he is the bad guy towards Harry through all their school years. Of course you see Harry and Ginny's family too, I love the names of the children! Ginny and Harry's romance is not present...very much in part 2 but they are a very cute couple!

It is so sad that the drama of the century is at an end! I for one will miss the new book releases and the premieres of the newest part of the drama! I owe Joanne Kathleen Rowling my gratitude and my love for reading, for it was in her universe that I learnt to love to read and in her universe I have belonged these last 7 years of my life, since I have favored her books since I was 11 years old! It has been a pleasure and an honour to read and live in the universe she created all those years ago, when she had just had her first daughter.

I for one hope to one day read her big classic to my children, because it is a book who stays with you for life, I think!

Thank you, Joanne Katleen Rowling for an amazing series of Harry James Potter books. 

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